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JAVA Essentials Training (OOP basics)

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Workshop description

Date: TBA
Duration: 4 days
Place: TBA
Seats: max 12
Snacks, coffee, fun
Contact info: 0732747362

Minimum attendance no: 8

RO: Acest curs se adreseaza incepatorilor in programare sau celor care vor sa faca primii pasi in Java. In urma trainingului vei invata concepte elementare de programare in JAVA, inclusiv programarea orientata pe obiecte, astfel incat sa poti avea o intelegere de baza a programarii in JAVA SE. In plus, vei fi pregatit pentru a te alatura cursurilor de dezvoltare aplicatii iOS sau Android.


EN: This training helps you learn fundamental JAVA programming concepts, including object-oriented programming (OOP), so that you will have a basic understanding of Java SE programming and also be ready for joining the iOS/Android development track.

  • Agenda

    Class 1
    •  Setup
    •  OOP basic concepts
    •  JVM
    •  Hello World app
    •  Classes and objects
    •  Constructors
    •  Data types (Integer, Float, Double, Boolean)
    •  Strings & String operations
    Class 2
    •  Lists
    •  For loop
    •  Iterators
    •  While loop
    •  Do while
    •  Maps
    •  If
    •  Operators and operator precedence
    •  Switch
    Class 3
    •  Access Modifiers
    •  Inheritance
    •  Abstract classes
    •  Interfaces
    •  Inner classes
    •  Enums
    Class 4
    •  Method overriding & method overloading
    •  Handling exceptions
    •  Serialization
    •  JSONs
    •  Singleton
    •  Observer pattern
    •  Builder pattern
  • Fresh graduates or students in computer science courses
  • Programmers willing to learn JAVA & OOP
  • Anyone with analytic thinking, who wants to understand JAVA programming & object oriented concept
  • Daniela Stamati Senior software developer @ Avira & Android Trainer

    Daniela, currently part of the Avira team, has been working as an Android developer for over 3 years, building applications for millions of users.
    Being involved in a lot of contrasting projects and having to deal with a lot of particularities of the Android system brought her valuable experience and insights.

Workshop description

Experience level

Essentials, Medium


February, March

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