We have founded Mobile Academy because we believe that the present and future is Mobile and want to offer training and consulting for creating great mobile experiences.

Our team of trainers is made of industry professionals who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience.

Our aim is to help tech, business and design professionals learn to create great Mobile experiences.

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Our team of trainers:  

  • Carmen Ruse
    Carmen Ruse UX Trainer

    Carmen is currently a Senior UX Designer at Adobe, having lots of fun developing Adobe XD – one of the newest Adobe tools for UI design and prototyping. She is enthusiastic about contributing to the UX community in Bucharest and exploring new beautiful cities.

  • Daniela Stamati Android Trainer

    Daniela, currently part of the Avira team, has been working as an Android developer for over 3 years, building applications for millions of users.
    Being involved in a lot of contrasting projects and having to deal with a lot of particularities of the Android system brought her valuable experience and insights.

  • Adrian Cozma
    Adrian Cozma UX Trainer

    Adrian has over 10 years experience in designing for products and services. His expertise extends from print to web & mobile. He is now in charge of TUI TravelCenter’s branding & advertising and is also the Co-founder & Art Director at Cockaigne Magazine.

  • Alex Stefan
    Alex Stefan Android & Xamarin Trainer

    Alex, currently part of the ORTEC team, has been working as Xamarin developer for over 2 years, developing business applications for mobile. In addition to mobile development, he has been handling back end development, becoming a full stack developer.

  • Bulent Duagi
    Bulent Duagi Business Development

    Billy loves building useful products and has a rich corporate experience from Bitdefender, Vodafone and Adobe. He is active in the local Product community and occasionally contributes to startup programs as a mentor.

  • Andrei Vasilescu
    Andrei Vasilescu iOS Trainer

    Andrei loves creating great mobile apps that help users in their daily life. He’s been a Mobile App Developer at mReady for the last 2 years, launching over 30 iOS apps and reaching thousands of users all around the globe. He believes the future holds a mobile connected world!

  • Valerica Plesu
    Valerica Plesu Android Trainer

    “Fail fast, learn fast (get things done) & grow!”
    With more than 5 years of Android development experience, Vali is part of a team whose challenge is to build great apps and protect people at Avira.
    She loves the idea of coaching people and that’s why she is an active member at IT tech talks in Bucharest or abroad.

  • Auras Geambasu
    Auras Geambasu Online Marketing

    Auras has a varied experience in online marketing both in-house and in digital agencies. As more and more of the marketing efforts are moving to mobile devices, he thinks that a better collaboration between mobile devs and marketing people is crucial.

  • George Rata
    George Rata Android Trainer

    George is the Team Lead of the Android team at Bitdefender. His focus has been the development of Android apps, while actively monitoring the evolution of the Android platform. He loves to travel and he’s no stranger to (adventure) sports.

  • Mircea Nistor
    Mircea Nistor Android Trainer

    Mircea is currently a Sr. Developer in the Android team at Bitdefender. He has a passion for sharing advanced technical topics with peers. Outside work, his interests range from hacking electronics and programming smart devices to playing a guitar and strategy games.

  • Andreea Mihaescu
    Andreea Mihaescu App Marketing Trainer

    Andreea has five years experience in online marketing, three of them in a mobile – first company that has launched more than a few mobile startups, globally. She’s worked for Google and IBM, as a digital strategist, and even had her own startup, a mobile application that allowed women to easily swap clothes with one another.

  • Radu Irava
    Radu Irava Product Management Trainer

    Currently working as Mobile Product Owner at Fashion Days Group, Radu has 6 years of experience in building software products. During this time he worked as a data analyst, developer, consultant, business analyst and product manager. He acquired broad international experience while working for global companies ranging from 5 to 100k employees.

  • Radu Diță
    Radu Diță iOS Trainer

    For the past 3 and a half years, Radu has been leading the mobile team at Iron Sheep. Lately, he’s been working at prototyping mobile apps for Virtual Reality and secure messaging. He enjoys finding smart solutions to common problems.

  • Mihai Iancu
    Mihai Iancu iOS Trainer

    With more than 10 years of experience in software engineering, Mihai is now a full stack developer and works at Adobe. He is passionate about iOS, user behavior, ergonomics and building useful apps. Big fan of CocoaPods.

  • Valentin Iorgu Android Trainer

    Vali has been a Mobile App Developer at mReady for the last 5 years, designing, optimising or launching over 40 Android apps, most of them with high level of complexity.
    He’s a tech early-adopter and likes to experiment all new new features, widgets and gadgets available on the market.

  • Ivona Băbărelu
    Ivona Băbărelu ASO Trainer

    Ivona is a startup enthusiast that started working as a market researcher and got in love with technology startups. Working as marketing manager for different startups, she hopes to create the first Romanian unicorn.

  • Dragos Manescu
    Dragos Manescu Product Management Trainer

    Dragos is an experienced Product Manager, currently working at Adore Me. For the past years, his projects ranged from developing established products to explorations of new products for digital creatives. He has a passion for business models, statistics and martial arts.

  • Cornel Balaban
    Cornel Balaban Android Trainer

    Cornel is currently the Development Manager of the Mobile team at Avira. He enjoys developing one of the mobile dev communities in Bucharest and also staying in touch with the latest trends in the mobile landscape, IoT and consumer apps.

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