• Firebase codelab – On demand/Soon . Details
  • Security for Android apps – On demand/Soon. Details
  • Automated testing for Mobile – On demand/Soon. Details



  • Product Management essentials – On demand/Soon. Details
  • Designing chat bots – On demand/Soon. Details
  • Monetization for mobile apps – 18 Nov 2017. Details



  • Online Marketing for mobile users – On demand/Soon. Details
  • Marketing for Mobile Apps – On demand/Soon. Details
  • App Store Optimization essentials – 7 Oct 2017. Details



  • User research on Mobile -On demand/Soon. Details
  • Customer Journey Mapping – On demand/Soon. Details

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  • Needs assessment with the participants & managers;
  • Adapted exercises and flow;
  • Consulting offered by the trainer on company specific matters;
  • Mentorship for 3 months after the workshop;
  • Personalized follow-up to increase actual results.

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  • Focused sessions with lots of examples and insights from the trainers. The one day workshops are very useful to get started faster in a topic, compared to just reading or trying stuff on your own.

    Mihail SerafimSoftware Engineer, Pentalog
  • Best practical workshop i've attended on online marketing. The exercises were straight to the point and i've already started applying the tips and tricks to our projects.

    Florina PinzaruDean, Faculty of Management SNSPA
  • I loved the flexibility of the organizers and how the trainer adapted the workshop to fit what i wanted to learn.

    Bogdan PaunProduct Manager,
  • Getting to know things like App Store Optimization or User Research really helped me develop the Thoughts app on Android, my main side project.

    Alin TurlacSoftware Developer, Adobe

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