Last week we hosted a new edition of the Mobile Growth Meetup, in which we focus on sharing practices on user acquisition, user retention, virality and revenue generating tactics on Mobile.


Mada Seghete, co-founder Branch Metrics, presented insights about what makes an app viral. An important concept is the “Double Viral Loop”: if user A shares an app and user B installs that app and engages in it, a notification sent to user A will make him engage again with the app.

Three levers to pull to trigger app virality are:
Incentives: it’s better to give something rather than a discount to something; incentives that benefit both the referrer and new user work best.
Ego: help people feel good about themselves through sharing the app
Emotion: Negative emotions get more clicks, positive emotions get more shares. Retargeting is an example of lust. Optimize the welcome, make it fun.

Recommended books: “Contagious” and “Influence”.


Ivona Babarelu, marketing manager at Clever Taxi, talked about the most important growth tactics their app has:

Sharable content: Users can share their route with their friends with the “I’m on my way” feature.

Personalized experience: For example, if you like a driver, you can pin him to favourites. Rating in app, live chat and instant answers contribute to addressing negative feedback in app stores.

Special care for influencers and Real Time Marketing

Localized experience: Local pictures on ads contribute to a high CTR. Cost of acquisition is low in smaller cities, where there are fewer bidders on ads.


Radu Irava, product manager at Fashion Days, presented tips and tricks for each stage of the Pirate Metrics:

Acquisition: Install ads, Smart banners on responsive, app indexing – download app right from google results (brought 5x more traffic), special offers for mobile only (Black Friday starts a few hours earlier on mobile).

Activation: Welcome push notification (if user installed but did not engage, send a notification in an hour). Onboarding process – explain the user what’s the app about.

Retention: Personalized coupons (e.g. first name of the user), VIP treatment usage of emojis (gifts, stars, hearts), FOMO (Fear of missing out: “last call”, “ends in”), incentivize opt-in to push notifications through in-app pop-ups.

Revenue: Smart banners on products listings with size filter suggestions. Smart banners on cart with the amount you save if you finish the purchase.

Referral: Reward users for bringing new users, value high NPS (net promoter score) users.

For more growth tactics, be sure to browse through MobileGrowth.org. There are weekly Growth chats and lots of Q&A threads. Also, discover tools that the local mobile dev companies use in our Mobile Tech Report 2016.


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