Here are some of  the last month’s most important news regarding mobile apps.

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Launches & acquisitions

Personalized, short-form audio stories

A new mobile application called 60dB, launching today, wants to offer a better, more personalized radio service focused on short-form audio content.

Needed’s smarter shopping app will find you the best nearby deals

Instead of turning to a simple note-taking app or to-do list, Needed aims to help you save on groceries by automatically searching for deals and sales that match the items on your list.

Qualcomm acquires NXP Semiconductors for $47 billion

Qualcomm is the market leader in the mobile SoC segment, and the company is now looking to expand into automotive and smart home applications by acquiring Dutch-based NXP Semiconductors for $47 billion.

Samsung acquires Tachyon to extend enterprise mobile device management

Samsung plans to integrate Tachyon into its enterprise offer to help businesses speed up the secure configuration of third-party apps on their Samsung devices, regardless of whether the third-party app provides APIs for this purpose.

Events & announcements

Google is officially cracking down on Play Store fraud

Google has announced that it’s rolling out improved detection and filtering systems to help rid the visibility of less-than-stellar applications in Android’s app marketplace.

Accenture and Google Form New Alliance

Accenture will apply its broad industry expertise and capabilities to help enterprise clients improve the value of Google technologies within their organizations.

Qualcomm announces first gigabit LTE device and network, 5G modem

Qualcomm has announced that it is partnering with Netgear, Ericsson, and Australian carrier Telstra in delivering the world’s first gigabit LTE device and network.

Good to read

Android Pay no longer works if you unlock your bootloader

Quietly and without any fanfare, Google disabled the ability for Android Pay to make payments on phones with unlocked bootloaders; landing in line with its previously held policy of not allowing rooted phones to access the payment system.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro kills off most of the ports you probably need

Apple just introduced a shiny, super thin new MacBook Pro. But for what was birthed, a lot of widely-held standards had to die.

Why Apple’s MacBook Touch Bar was the right thing to do

The MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar is the right thing to do because people don’t use touch screen laptops like they do tablets.

Apple’s new Intel driven MacBook Pros have a secondary ARM processor that runs Touch ID and security

When will Apple ship a MacBook with an ARM processor? This is a question that has been top of mind for observers of the company ever since it started designing and building its own chips from the ground up.

How to enroll in the Android Beta Program

Like many big software projects, Android is made better by open beta testing. As part of Google’s new maintenance release schedule, we’ll see scheduled periodic updates outside of any bug or security patches and major version changes.

Outlook’s mobile app gets a built-in meeting scheduler

Microsoft Outlook users on mobile will now have an easier way to schedule meetings from their smartphone, with the launch of a new scheduling assistant that helps you find a time that works for everyone.

Android and Chill: We need a third mobile platform

Google and Apple offer a great experience and everything we could want in our phones. While that’s a great recipe for success and happy customers, it also means they can afford to get a little lazy.

Facebook launches augmented reality selfie “masks” for Live video

Starting with Halloween-themed skeleton, witch and pumpkin masks, some Facebook users can now start to use the special effects when they go Live.

Three reasons carriers are building new cell networks for the Internet of Things

New networks are necessary because cell phone networks fall short for IoT in three ways: battery life, cost and wireless coverage.

Brave, the browser with built-in ad blocking, tries again on Android

Now Brave is out with a different version of its Android browser that offers a more traditional, tabbed browser experience.

Facebook Messenger now supports PayPal payments in bots

PayPal is deepening its relationship with Facebook, and will now become one of the payment options within Messenger, among other integrations.

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