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Launches & acquisitions

Google Play Music finally launches in India!

After  several false starts, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is here. Google Play Music is finally available in India, and at an initial glance, it looks like the entire catalog is available for customers in the country.

Pullstring launches bot-authoring tools for fun & profit

Pullstring launched its eponymous product out of private beta and into the hands of creators of conversational interfaces everywhere. Creators can make bots for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Kik, Telegram and — using the company’s Web API — pretty much every other platform out there.


Apple launches iMessage App Store for iOS 10

The update to iMessage is significant in that it’s the first time the company has opened up its core messaging product to third-party developers, recreating the magic that it had with the original App Store.


Google launches a personalized travel planner, Google Trips

Google Trips, the iOS and Android app pulls in a combination of data from Google Maps and crowdsourced contributions from other travelers, in order to offer a personalized travel guide that helps you keep track of your day trips, reservations, points of interest, tourist attractions, restaurants and more.


Events & announcements

Spotify could out-dance Apple if it does acquire SoundCloud

SoundCloud as a company is a disaster, but its the only streaming service with the DJ sets and remixes kids love. So it makes perfect sense that Spotify is in advanced talks to acquire SoundCloud, the Financial Times reports.


Facebook Messenger adds group chat Polls and AI payment suggestions

Combining Messenger’s ubiquity with a simple payments feature could keep people running all their communication, words or dollars, through Facebook’s chat app.


Google’s search app now sports an incognito mode

While private browsing has long been an option in most browsers, Google’s search app has been without the feature, despite the fact that many mobile consumers today use Google’s app as their main entry point to the web on their iPhone.


Airbnb revamps its app with new tools for hosts, improved messaging

The upcoming version of the main Airbnb app will introduce a number of new features for hosts, including things like message templates for quicker replies and a calendar that lets them easily see who’s staying when, at what rate, and more.


Myki rolls out a password manager that locks all your info away on your phone

Instead of locking those passwords away online and accessing them when you need to log in, their startup Myki looks to keep them locked away on your phone instead.


Good to read

Factual exec: Location data is best way to determine a consumer’s real self

Location data provides a real, concrete insight into consumer behavior that is not always apparent from other data points.

Google and Udacity now have a VR Developer Nanodegree!

Anyone looking to get a quick, meaningful education in the world of VR development can sign up for the new Virtual Reality Developer Nanodegree program.


If Google buys Twitter, there’s a perfect spot for it in YouTube

That would allow YouTube to better compete with Facebook, which has built an enormous audience for spontaneous video discovery.


This crazy iMessage app lets you prank friends by putting words in their mouth

Yep, you can actually put words in your friend’s mouth, then laugh while they try to figure out if they’ve lost their mind, or their phone has been hacked.


Allo’s best chance of beating WhatsApp in India depends on Google Assistant

By integrating all of these features into Assistant, Google is making its AI smarts accessible to a wider audience. Instead of switching to a browser to search on Google, people can directly type @google in a chat and get their queries answered in Hindi.


EXCLUSIVE: Getting the Most out of Customer Data

The key aspects of a data driven scaling strategy include collecting as many signals as available, storing them as many meaningful abstractions, using exploration strategies wisely, using pricing levers to improve costs and fine tuning using aggressive models.


Digital Offers: Learn to build apps from scratch for only $39!

The Python Programming Bootcamp is your way into the wonderful world of meaningful app creation. You’ll learn everything, from the basics to the advanced, throughout 438 lesson — over 50 hours of content!


How to restore your apps and settings to a new Android phone

Where does all this data get stored? Google is backing up the app data to Drive, allocating 25MB for each app. Data used by the backup system doesn’t count toward your storage quota. Meanwhile, developers can choose to select what app data gets stored in the cloud.


15 neat hidden features in iOS 10

Apple has tucked away many little features that you won’t see right away. Here is a list of some of these features.


Facebook Messenger’s source code reveals hidden Rooms feature

Facebook Messenger has built an unlaunched feature called Rooms that lets groups publicly chat about different subjects and events. Buried in Messenger’s iOS app’s source code are multiple references to the feature, with some explanation of how it works.

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