Build native mobile apps using React Native


Workshop description

Date: On demand
Duration: 2 days
Schedule: 10 AM – 6 PM
Place: Mobile Academy HQ
Seats: min 5, max 10
Snacks, coffee, fun
Contact info: 0732747362

This is an introductory workshop to React Native, the framework that lets you build native mobile apps using JavaScript, developed in partnership with our friends from JSLeague.

After this workshop you will be able to build and deploy a mobile app, manage the data flow and implement basic functionalities such as Camera.

It is native but is coded with JavaScript, how cool is that ?


  • Previous programming (Java / JavaScript / any JS framework / Android / iOS) experience needed
  • Workshop language: Romanian
  • This workshop is also available on request, as part of corporate training services

Pricing & discounts

  • Normal price: 400 euro
  • Group discount: 15% for more than 3 participants
  • Mobile Academy alumni have 20% discount


  1. ReactJS overview and technical prerequisites
  2. Environment setup (iOS / Android)
  3. Create React Native App
  4. React Native CLI
  5. State and Props
  6. Styling with Flexbox
  7. Components (Views, FlatList, TextInput, ScrollView, Images, Buttons etc)
  8. Component libraries for React Native (Native Base)
  9. Navigation (React Navigation vs. React Native Navigation)
  10. HTTP requests
  11. App state (Redux)
  12. Specific libraries and linkage (Camera Roll, Camera Picker, etc)
  13. Debugging
  14. Running on iOS/Android
  15. Deployment on stores how-to

Who is it for

  • Programmers with Java / JavaScript / any JS framework / Android / iOS experience
  • Fresh graduates or students in computer science courses
  • Sabin Marcu
    Sabin Marcu React Native

    Sabin has more than 8 years experience in developemnt, he is an accomplished front-end developer and React Native expert. Sabin‘s experience and passion is for open source projects and the internals of framework development.

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